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Posted on: July 31, 2008 1:20 am

China's Pollution Crisis Solved??

For one day at least, Beijing has managed to get an air pollution reading index below 50. The day before it was over 110. Apparently a nice rain and wind storm came through and moved the polluted air along to Beijing's neighboring provinces. What they had to do to get that rating was absolutely draconian. Apparently they have gone to a system of reducing auto emissions by half by only allowing half the cars on the road each day. No fooling. They apparently have an "even-odd" system going with their license plates so they will be cited if they are driving odd cars on even days. On top of that, they shut down their pollution-causing industries and contructions until further notice. So what are these hard working Chinese people doing during these unplanned "days off"? Are they in effect being laid off or are they still collecting their checks while they aren't working? I can say this. Things would not go well in my house if the government came in one day and gave me an unplanned, unpaid month long vacation. Then again, perhaps the money I would save in athesma inhalers alone might offset the cost. I just know that yesterday, Tiananmen Square was filled with pollution. Today, pollution had cleared the Square without even having to bring out tanks or the People's Liberation Army. Maybe China has learned a thing or two in 20 years. All I know is, the minute the Olympic flame goes out, it will be back to pollution as usual in China. In the mean time, these poor Chinese people will have to put up with the inconvenience of breathing clean air for the next 5 weeks
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