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Posted on: July 14, 2008 4:26 pm

Brett Favre....Drama Queen

There is no doubt that members of the sports media love, adore, focus their mancrush on Brett Favre. He is really the closest thing there is to an icon left in the NFL. Brett Favre is to the sports world what Paris Hilton is to the tabloids. Even when you think the story is over, another one is just beginning. Everyone knew the end of his career would come, but accepting it would be the hardest part, for all concerned. For the last few seasons, there has been a pre-season death watch that left reporters on a daily basis asking "Will he come back or won' t he?" After a last year's great season, it appears the Packers organization didn't want to go through that drama again. They asked Brett to make a decision back in March. The plan was certainly aimed at getting Favre to commit to off-season mini-camp and work toward winning a Super Bowl. That was not a commitment Favre wanted to make. Well, its time to start preparing for pre-season and guess who is back? Its the football verson of A.I.'s rant about "practice." Its game time and now Brett wants in. He retired because he couldn't make the commitment to practice. Brett wanted no part of spring drills...so now that spring drills are over, he thinks he can just inviite himself back to the game. I am surprised to see the Packers playing hardball with him, but you really can't blame them. Aaron Rodgers commited himself and went to spring drills. He did the time. He prepared and the team feels like he is ready to play. So Brett...what is this exactly? He says he doesn't have the commitment to do the work, but now that its time to suit up, he wants the glory and the spotlight. I hope Brett comes back...as a backup. Thats what happens to guys that bail out on their teammates. If you want to be the starter, you are going to have to beat Rodgers to get it. If you REALLY want to play that badly Brett, those are the rules. So, is it about the love of the game, or is it about getting all the glory? Which is it, Brett?

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