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Posted on: April 4, 2008 9:14 am

"America's Team" or "America's Most Wanted"?

For years, we have heard that the Dallas Cowboys are "America's Team." You can debate the validity of that label all you want and you will never get anywhere with the Dallas honks. But as the years go by, imaging and market a team needs to be updated to reflect the changing times and continue to be true to the image of the team. It may be a copyright infringment, but I think a change to "America's Most Wanted" would be a more accurate reflection of the current situation in Dallas.

Jerry Jones has a soft spot in his heart for rejects and miscreants that dates back to 1992, when they picked up Charles Haley. Haley had fallen out of favor in San Francisco for starting a fight in the locker room and urinating on a teammate's car. I can understand the fight...boys will be boys. But football is a team game. At the end of the day everyone has to pull in the same direction. It might be a little difficult to support a guy after he emptied his lizard on your hood ornament. For Jones, it was his first successful rehabilitation of a player. Since then, he has brought in a variety of misfits to mixed results. So the latest is Pacman Jones

For the last two weeks, we have heard that "Pacman" and Jerry Jones were trying to put a little deal together whereby Jones would try to Jedi mind trick Roger Goodell into reinstating the troubled WR. I do give Pacman a little credit. He has managed to not have any run-ins with Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde nor has he left a "scrip" club manager paralyzed lately, but the damage seems to already be done. Instead of grabbing a quick paycheck on the wrestling circuit, the guy should have been out trying to do something positive for the community and show that he actually understands that he IS held to a higher standard as a celebrity and athlete. 

For those that didn't hear, Chris Henry was released from the Bengals yesterday hours after being arrested for a fifth time in three years. The NFL suspended Chris Henry last season for 8 games, but apparently he didn't get the message and the Bengals did. They cut Henry, giving him the freedom to take his rap sheet to any team that wants him. So guess what the joke was on every sports radio show yesterday. Guess what the sports editors at many of the nation's newspapers were saying. They were saying...get Jerry Jones on the phone! Its pretty sad when the stereotype and the reality are equally as predictable and humorous. Why would Jerry Jones call Chris Henry? Because Jerry Jones, even though he may have had good intentions, has given his franchise the reputation of being a safe haven for signing criminals and misfits. 

Congrats Jerry. Your team is now on the level with the Raiders. The only difference is the Raiders sell tickets to the criminals on Sundays. Dallas hires criminals full-time.  

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