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Posted on: September 2, 2008 12:07 pm

Fantasy Football...Ready for a challenge.

I really need to try to get a private league together next year because the public leagues here are filled with blissfully ignorant owners or those that flat don't show up for live drafts. How else could an owner picking up Maurice Jones-Drew at #40 and Reggie Bush with the 81st pick? Thats right...I drafted Reggie Bush at #81. Don't get me wrong, I see Reggie Bush as a top flight backup or low #2 RB at best, but the fact that he is still around in the seventh round means there were a lot of lesser players taken before him. Its just highway robbery that I can end up with Randy Moss and Wes Welker and still have a starting RB pair like Clinton Portis and MJD. I think 9 TE's had been selected by the end of the 5th round. I didn't even select a TE until the 11th round (Todd Heap) and I don't think Heap is a bad selection...especially considering he was projected between 6-8 rounds. This is how my team broke down...if you are interested.

  1. #9     - Randy Moss (WR)
  2. #16   - Clinton Portis (RB)
  3. #33   - Wes Welker (WR)
  4. #40   - Maurice Jones-Drew (RB)
  5. #57   - Brandon Marshall (WR)
  6. #64   - Brett Favre (QB) 
  7. #81   - Reggie Bush (RB)
  8. #88   - Donald Driver (WR)
  9. #105 - Reggie Brown (WR)
  10. #112 - Eli Manning (QB)
  11. #129 - Todd Heap (TE)
  12. #136 - Chris Johnson (RB)
  13. #153 - Titans (D)
  14. #160 - Kris Brown (K)

Todd Heap sat there for 5 rounds because after everyone had already locked in starting TE's, I knew no one would go for a backup TE until very late in the draft anyway, So I spent that time getting a much higher quality QB and backups...and Heap was still there in the 11th round. The only trouble I see is Week 4 with both Welker and Moss out on bye week. After that week, the 5th WR roster spot becomes the TE/DST/K bye week replacement slot. This is way too easy. This team plays itself now. No trading or unneccesary waiver fishing is required.

I know there are many of you that play the public leagues and feel the same way I do. Next year I want to set up a private league and only invite the guys I know are committed to winning. I am looking for the kind of owners who are still ripping your Waiver picks in Week 15 even though they still have no chance of winning. If you are a solid fantasy player that wants to compete in a private league that doesn't mind good natured trash talking and serious fun, leave me a reply so I can remember to look you up next season.

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