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Posted on: October 6, 2008 4:42 pm

Kimbo Slice....Boom! Outta Here!

I had never heard of Kimbo Slice before Elite XC started pumping him up for their debut show on CBS a few months ago. I was a casual fan of PRIDE, but I had always been a UFC guy. I remember watching Royce Gracie during the UFC's first incarnation. It was much more barbaric and typically the winner was the guy that didn't leave with a broken arm, leg or face. In those days, ultimate fighting was not so much about sport as it was about survival. I think the movement to create more of a sport out of MMA was a great thing, but its also opened the door for a lot of commercial opportunities for organizations that are looking to cash in on the sports sudden popularity. I had been a big Pride and UFC guy, but this EXC stuff seemed a little too campy...too much production value to cover up not enough talent. The only thing Elite XC has that is actually interesting to me is women's MMA. I am all about giving the women an opportunity to step in and prove themselves. The most annoying part of EXC was the creation of this Kimbo Slice guy. I like a good underdog as much as the next guy, but how can you be the underdog when no one even knows who any of the other guys in your weight class are? They hand pick tomato cans for this guy to beat on in order to prop him up longer and obviously squeeze more money out of his fights. Slice knows next to nothing about martial arts. The fact that he went down and turtled to a pink haired dude from the weight class below him made the fall much more compelling than the rise. The rise of Kimbo was artificial. He fought a few bums and CBS pumped a ton of money into him. He really hadn't earned any respect from the legions of educated MMA fans. Everyone said he would not stand a chance against an even average MMA fighter. That prophecy was revealed last Saturday night when Kimbo was defeated by Seth Petruzelli, a journeyman light heavyweight that wasn't even scheduled to be on TV that night. The interesting part of this scenario is whether EXC is going to start treating Petruzelli like the next big thing now...pink hair and all. Given the Kimbo build-up, they should give this guy a huge push. I somehow suspect that is not going to happen, because this was not about competition or making a good fight. This was about the old saying..."Any news is good news." In this case, I don't buy it though. The Kimbo goose didn't lay the golden egg, and EXC hasn't dont much to prepare themselves for life after Kimbo. They need to thing of something fast, because Kimbo went the way of Buster Douglas, Chaminade and Carl Douglas singing "Kung Fu Fighting." His 15 minutes are up!
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