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Posted on: March 24, 2008 3:38 pm

Its time for the WAVE to drown!

I am a big Carolina Hurricanes fan. I love hockey and I like to think I am more than just a novice spectator. This past Thursday, I was watching a critical Southeast Division game between the Canes and the Florida Panthers. The game was very tight and both teams were getting great scoring opportunities. At the end of regulation, the score was tied 1-1. So we head into overtime. I am tensing up on the couch as overtime starts. There are a couple of shots that almost end the game...and its getting more tense. The Hurricanes dump the puck in and I start to notice the crowd making a little more noise and then behind the glass I see...thats right...idiot fans doing the WAVE! Now don't get me wrong...I am all for having a good time. If you shell out your hard earned dollars, by all means enjoy yourself. But if I was a Florida Panther player at that moment, I would probably be about as annoyed as Tiger Woods is at 18 different "Get in the Hole!!!" guys per round. The WAVE? Platform shoes thought that was tired and played out! And its certainly not the best way of giving love to the team you allegedly support. Here we are in potentially the most pivotal game of the season where a point in the standings could mean the difference between the playoffs and early spring tee times...and your fans are more concerned with keeping the WAVE going than paying attention to the game. I can give the occasional pass if you are at least three goals ahead or after a few cans of suds, the WAVE seems more entertaining than the effort your team phoned in that night. Neither were the case here though. Your team was on the cusp of winning and gaining ground in the playoff chase. And its nothing personal against Florida fan. Its not all on you. These people are everywhere. The WAVE is a tired exercize in Pavlovian behavior. Its like when your mother asked you as a kid if so-and-so jumped off a bridge, would you? Obviously, these Mensas haven't figured it out yet. Do us all a favor...save the WAVE for a time when its welcome. In fact, if its that much fun, lets find an open stadium and let you retards just do the wave whenever you want. We can come back the same time tomorrow and you will still be there, doing the WAVE. Just stay there and do it until you get it out of your systems...and then maybe we will let you degenerates back into the real arenas

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